The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.
— B.B. King

Workshop I
Photography Essentials

A semester of college photography, taught from a real-world perspective and inserted deep into your soul in a single info-packed day, by an articulate, easy-going and passionate professional

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Workshop II
Intro to Using Flash

All the what, where, why, when and how Qs answered about adding flash to your photography so you can step beyond simply using available light and begin the beautiful journey toward becoming a light Jedi... or at least someone who now can light portraits, fashion, products and other flash-necessary situations

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What others thought of these workshops

I originally met Mark on a fashion shoot for a magazine where he was the photographer who was shooting both the spread and the cover. We connected later on Facebook and I’d ask him questions about photography all the time. Eventually, as I got more serious about shooting and less about the modeling, he suggested I do a workshop with him where I’d learn as much as possible in a single, intensive day of hands-on teaching.

We met at the downtown Phx library and went over general photography background, all the functions of my camera and lenses and even stuff like why and why not to upgrade and which equipment to spend my money on first as I grow as a photographer. He customized the curriculum to my learning style and used lots of examples and analogies to help me understand the relationships between shutter speed, aperture and ISO.

We did lots of shooting, observing and advising and in a single day, I learned the stuff I’d been dying to understand: how to create depth-of-field the way I want, how to understand light metering, what ISO really does and when to use it to my advantage, how adjusting the shutter speed affects my pictures and why I now hate my kit lens I bought!

I’d recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to be more confident in using their camera as a creative tool instead of a complicated gadget that just does things that you don’t always understand. My goals were to learn as much as possible and transition from a semi-serious amateur to someone who could confidently guarantee results, have more fun and justify the rates I want to charge.

After this ‘Photography Essentials’ workshop, my photography has completely changed for the better. Thanks Mark!
— Maggie Day

After having recently completed Mark Susan’s ‘Intro to Using Flash’ course, I can personally recommend this course to photographers of all levels who want to incorporate the proper use of flash into their photography. Even though I am a photographer without prior formal instruction using flash, Mark was able to teach me the necessary skills to start using flash on a more professional level.

In the one-day course, Mark covered material ranging from the fundamental mechanics of flash, to equipment selection, hands-on shooting of different techniques, and how to achieve specific looks and effects with actual examples.

Mark’s insight on equipment selection was especially valuable. Not only did he help me understand what tools are used to achieve specific effects and how to correctly use them. He also went through his kit and recommended components that he has had good results with. This advice alone has already helped me save money by knowing what gear is really necessary and what is not.

The personal techniques and trade secrets that Mark Susan uses, and teaches, could have taken me months or years to learn on my own. This course gave me a tremendous jump-start on learning how to use artificial light to produce stunning images. I would not hesitate to take another class by Mark Susan, and cannot recommend him enough.
— James Cywinski